Here’s what I have to say about…

Electric Bikes

I’m a fan. Like most new technologies we’ll have to adjust to a brave new world of shifting transportation norms, but I’m excited to see biking become more accessible to people who wouldn’t otherwise consider riding a bike.

Digital Storytelling

Most of my time is spent in a digital space these days, and like many, I crave authentic and meaningful conversations much more than “likes” and “retweets.” How can we make our online interactions feel more like human connection?

Living in the Anthropocene

It’s a wonderful, exceptional, terrifying, gratifying era to be alive. Across all of recorded history we have never been so free to shape our own destiny, nor so connected to the lives of others. And yet, we remain a very inequitable and self-destructive species. Like our planet, our shared human experience is tiny and precious and fragile…and always changing.